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A multi-level physics based game.
Deflect an Asteroid
A quick little game.
Light Curves
Things you can learn from a point of light.
Risky Business
What are the odds? A simple sorting game.
What If It Hit My Town
Drop a rock on someone.

Spacecraft Missions


The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer spacecraft is identifying asteroids by looking for them in the infrared.


In 2014 the Rosetta spacecraft will go in to orbit around Comet 67 P/Churyumov- Gerasimenko. Along the way it has flown past two asteroids: Steins and Lutetia.


Dawn will visit two minor planets in the asteroid belt: Ceres and Vesta. It will reach Vesta in July of 2011, and Ceres in February of 2015.


This Japanese landed on asteroid Itokawa in an attempt to return a sample to Earth. The sample collection process didn't operate as expected, but as of this writing (7/2010) the capsule has returned to Earth and it looks like there may be some dust from the asteroid that can be analyzed.


Other Related Sites

The NASA/JPL Near Earth Object Program

Up-to-date information on objects being tracked, risks, and orbital trajectories.

The Impact Hazard site at NASA/AMES

Lots of information on Near Earth Object hazards, news, FAQs and more.

Asteroid Watch

Go hear to sign up for the latest on NASA asteroid news through email, Twitter, or widgets.

Observing With NASA

Control a telescope in the MicroObservatory network and capture an image of an asteroid.

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